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Application Integration, Consulting, Development
end user training, module development, theme development
Design was created by a 3rd party.
We worked closely with a 3rd party design firm who created the design and Drupal theme files. We provided the design firm with Drupal theme layer support and customizations. We created a module to ETL (Extract Load Transform) XML data from the Shopping.com API, store it as nodes, prepare data for processing, and assign data parts to various template files. The module supports all 5 Shopping.com markets (US, UK, AU, FR, DE) and takes advantage of the Drupal caching to reduce API calls.  
module development, theme development
Consulting, Data Migration, Development, eCommerce, Ongoing Maintenance
end user training, module development, theme development
Lafayette Web was asked to upgrade, enhance and add additional features to the existing Drupal website. We provide hosting support and site migration when needed.
This site has ongoing maintenance and features added often. Here are a list of features and functionalities we created and support. Ads: Ads are Ubercart products that are bought and managed by the buyer. Ads have a workflow process to ease management for ad creator and website admin. There were considerdable changes made in the theme layer to support multiple regions and positioning of ads. Nurseries: Were migrated into a new node type from a flatfile. Later these nurseries were converted to products, where nurseries owners can feature there nursery for a annual fee. Nursery pages now support gmap features. Sales Report: We modified the Ubercart report module to track costs to sell (shipping, products, credit card fees etc), net revenue and profit. The admin can now see on a daily/weekly/monthly how much sales and profit they make. Quick Shipping Update: We created a simple module that allows the admin to update multiple orders from a single form by collecting tracking number, shipping costs and shipper information. Re-wrote Q&A: The previous Q&A module was not written upto Drupal standards and could not be extended. We re-wrote the module to be flexible and scalable. Actions & Triggers: We wrote some code to create custom messages based on specific user actions.
Data Migration, Development
end user training, module development, theme development
Consulting, Development, Ongoing Maintenance, Performance Tuning
module development
Consulting, Data Migration, Development, Hosting
module development
Consulting, Hosting
module development